3D Printing

Auro is experienced in 3D printing from idea to a complete product. There is a lot of work behind good, functional products and components using 3D printing, from drawing to construction making the components printable. Taking into account heat, cooling and shrinkage which can easily be overlooked when using 3D print without the proper experience.

We use 3D printing to a large extent in rapid prototyping and production of small batch parts for larger products in an industrial context. These small batch parts will be expensive to produce mechanically, and printing gives new possibilities regarding straight edges, components being cast together, indentations and hollowing for external components, which mechanical construction struggles with. Complex hollow spaces can be printed with a water-soluble support material, which later washes away. This makes 3D printing eligible for more complex compositions in production of components. Printing is also a cost-efficient method for production of small batch parts and prototypes, especially when it comes to advanced and detailed components.

Choice of material

Where the components are used indicates what material works the best. Our FDM 3D printers gives a variety of possibilities, and we’re experienced in choosing the right material for your needs.

Our 3D printers uses these materials: Rigid plastics, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, ABS, PLA and TPU.


These are some of the parts we have produced: robot grippers, brackets, adapters and jigs.


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