Cap applicators

We build Cap Applicators for both retrofitting and new gable top machines, that fits into all types of filling machines, including Tetra Pak, Elopak Inc and Shikoku. Our service technicians can assist in PMP on all machines, especially fresh and ultraclean machines. Since the beginning in 2002 we have delivered approximately 130 machines, mostly in Europe, but also in America. Using our Cap Applicators gives plenty of benefits for your comapny, including high performance, easy setup, and a service friendly unit with intelligent troubleshooting.

Reduced PE dust

Our worldwide patented design of the 8 armed anvil provide easy and optimal alignment adjustment between horn and anvil. Optimal alignment leads to optimal energy usage, short downtime for service, and reduces the build of PE dust.


MaxCapper has a new compact design, available for Tetra Pak TR8 and TR28 machines. Our systems are easy to maintain and adjust, complete with data logging for quality control and foreseeing future problems. The MaxCapper is energy saving by more efficient ultrasonic welding with Branson PC Compact generator. The combination of ultrasonic and thermal energy means no cooling is required.



CapMaster is a screw cap applicator for gable top carton. It is adjustable for different sizes in one complete unit. Our systems are easy to maintain and adjust, complete with data logging for quality control and foreseeing future problems.

The CapMaster uses ultrasonic welding to minimize energy use, and has a capacity of 8000 caps pr. hour, pr. line.

capmaster cap applicator model

Energy and environment

Servo Welding combined with the optimal alignment of the anvil utilizes both thermal and ultrasonic energy which minimizes energy use. It is in fact proven to reduce energy use by at least 25%. The use of thermal and ultrasonic energy means the machines does not need extra energy for cooling off, meaning no cooling elements, no risk of leakage and a significant reduction in contamination. This gives your business a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach. Servo Welding controls the energy in a way that leads to less wear and tear of the machines, less noise pollution and provides intelligent data logging.

Data logging

Our data logging means every weld is stored, either on an FTP or mail server, and can be analyzed graphically to document quality and predict future problems. This way our machines can be controlled for preventive maintenance which in turn guarantees continued high performance, optimal energy usage and low downtime.


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