Auro produces machines from design to construction based on customer specifications, always after certified principles of the EU machinery legislations. We also rebuild existing machines to modernize, streamline and expand functionality. We simplify the process needed to optimize you productions. Our customers are often in need of bottleneck solutions. Our competence with management systems and mechanical construction provides you with an optimal solution. This makes the process from idea to solution minimal. We are able to use 3D printing in the production of larger products, which is a profitable solution when producing complicated parts in low volume, which would be expensive to produce mechanically. Read more about 3D printing here.

All our machines are delivered with documentation and guarantees. We are registered in the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, making Auro employees certified to perform electro repairs, and all our electricians are FCC approved yearly.

Expand and improve

We are able to view a production line, analyze problems and create solutions regarding instrumentation, automation and mechanical adjustments. In addition we also provide service on our own machines, and machines from other suppliers. Doing this we can reduce downtime for our clients by not needing service directly from the supplier, who might be in a different location to our clients.

Eco lighthouse

Auro is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse. Eco-Lighthouse is a certification scheme for businesses who document their environmental efforts and social responsibility. To be certified the business needs to conduct a environmental analysis and meet industry defined demands. These demands include environmental demands regarding energy use, waste management, transportation, purchasing, and work environment.


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